• Although you are free to register on your own initiative, you must be in possession of a letter of referral from your family doctor or company medical officer.
  • If you are experiencing problems in a relationship either at home or at work, either one or both of the parties affected by the problems may also register.
  • You are free to register for coaching services on your own initiative and/or in consultation with your employer.

You can register by submitting a completed contact form, by email or by telephone. My answerphone is permanently switched on, so you can always leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I can.
I will get in touch within 5-7 working days to arrange a date and time for an intake meeting, one of the aims of which is to identify the precise nature of your treatment or coaching need. We will decide together on the duration and frequency of your therapy or coaching sessions, by mutual agreement based on the outcome of the intake meeting.


Please let me know in good time if you are unable to keep an appointment. I should point out that, if you do not let me know by at least 24 hours in advance, you will be charged the full cost of the session in question.

Psychological testing

You may need to undergo one or more psychological tests, in addition to attending a more extensive diagnostic interview, in order to establish the nature of the problem. A separate fee is charged for this.


Although I do my best to keep this website fully up to date, there is always a risk of certain information or circumstances changing between updates. For this reason, no rights may be derived from the information presented on this website.

See the link opposite for information on the rights and obligations of clients and carers under the terms of the Dutch Medical Treatment Contracts Act.