Individual coaching

My individual coaching service is about resolving certain work-related or personal problems. Coaching can help you to:

  • work more effectively;
  • cope better with stress;
  • develop your communication skills;
  • manage other people;
  • analyse your own behaviour;
  • retain or regain your sense of enjoyment.

Group coaching

Group coaching is not about the individual. Rather, it focuses on the way in which the members of a group or team work together. Another possibility, in addition to working with an existing team, is to form a group consisting of managers from different organisations who use the coaching session to enhance each other’s skills. The participants learn how their behaviour and the role they assume in the group affect the performance both of the group as a whole and of individual group members. They are given tools they can use to become more aware of the impact of their own behaviour and to change their behaviour, where necessary.
Group coaching can be used in the following situations:

  • to smooth the path of mergers and reorganisations;
  • to improve internal and external communications;
  • to enhance teamwork;
  • to arrive at a decision on a particular issue;
  • to resolve a conflict.